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Is Trophy Hunting Conservation?

Ricky Gervais vs Rebecca Francis

Rebecca Francis says her hunts benefit wildlife. Ricky Gervais calls it murder. When you view the big picture, it's clear who's looking out for the animals. Learn More »

Save Hawksbill Turtles

Hawksbill Turtle

Estimates show only 500 nesting hawksbill turtle females remain — their largest threat is unsafe fishing practices. Help reduce marine turtle bycatch »

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Monarch Butterflies

Help Restore Monarch Butterfly Habitat

The Forests For Monarchs project has added more than five million trees since 1997 to previously deforested areas of Central Mexico. As the trees grow, they serve as a climatic buffer that protects butterflies from harsh weather. And when sustainably harvested, the trees provide a renewable source of income for local residents.

Help us to restore crucial overwintering grounds, and ensure a future for monarch butterflies.

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